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Who is Advancis Medical®?

The medi® organization has been delivering high-value and effective solutions in the wound-care sector for decades with our mediven® and circaid® compression garment product lines. We have supported this clinical segment through product education and training with our clinical education and product specialist teams to make medi products the leading standard in the compression category.

Recently, medi has partnered with Advancis Medical, a leading manufacturer of quality, technologically advanced wound-care dressings, that help enhance healing rates, increase patient comfort and save clinicians’ time.

Please reach out to us for any demo, in-service training, literature, and webinar needs. We are always taking requests to provide the best support available.

How to enhance healing rates?

The clinical team at medi has assembled a portfolio of wound-healing products and protocol to address the patient and clinic needs called the medi Wound-Healing Concept.

The medi Wound-Healing Concept assists patients throughout the wound-healing continuum. From ‘assessment’ to ‘active healing’ and from ‘progression’ to ‘maintaining’ a healthy lifestyle, medi provides a clear pathway to long-term success, breaking the cycle of chronic wound management.

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We take education and training seriously by investing in a multitude of webinars, workshops, on-demand learning, and in-service training to deliver the “i feel better” promise.

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Looking for a certain medi product solution? Our product catalog features a robust filtering system that enables you to search and find what you are looking for with ease.

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