Compression Therapy

What type of compression is best for healing venous leg ulcers?

It is well established that the use of “compression” is the gold standard for healing venous leg ulcers (VLUs).  But what type of compression is best and how much compression should be delivered?  Additionally, there are several variables in play when trying to determine the correct choice for a patient. 


Compression Product Benefit Matrix:

When to use a compression wrap verses multi-layer compression systems?

Inelastic compression garments have some key advantages over a multi-layer application. Most notably, compression wraps like the circaid® juxtalite® and juxtalite hd are long-term compression products to last the patient and clinician throughout the wound-healing treatment and beyond.  Due to the hook-and-loop (Velcro®-like) application, a garment can be adjusted and reapplied while compression products can migrate during activity, providing better therapy throughout the day. In addition, inelastic garments can be washed and dried, allowing for long-term wear of at least 6 months, which is a tremendous value on a cost-per-application basis.

medi® compression products:

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