Medical compression socks are prescribed to help alleviate symptoms of a specific condition. To ensure the best therapeutic results, medical compression stockings should be worn every day and replaced every six months, as they will deliver the stated compression for a minimum of 6 months.

Medical compression stockings that are worn and washed daily maintain their effect for about six months. Afterwards, the compression effect of the material slowly deteriorates. Therefore, if medically necessary, the patient is generally eligible for a new treatment after half a year.

For the best therapy success, please wear and wash your medical compression stockings daily. Patients with venous ailments and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) wear their medical compression stockings from morning to the evening for their entire lives. This also applies to patients with lymphedema and lipedema

Compression therapy should also be initiated for acute symptoms, such as venous inflammation, or after venous surgery (varicose vein removal, varicose vein sclerotherapy). Ultimately, though, the duration of therapy is determined by your specific doctor.

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