Compression stockings do lose some of their therapy over the course of the day.  And, they need to be laundered after every use to wash away the oils and debris our skin releases each day.  Compression therapy is much more effective when a fresh, clean pair of stockings are applied each day. To extend the life of your stockings and prevent damage during removal, it is recommended to wear application gloves (also helps with grip) and/or remove all rings and jewelry.

When removing your compression garment, start at the end or termination point at either the knee, thigh, waist or on the upper arm.  Slowly “peel” back the garment one segment at a time, careful not to overstretch until the garment is turned completely inside-out and off the leg or arm.

Check out our video tutorials on how to apply all of our medi compression products!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove your compression stocking:

1. Remove the fabric evenly over your thigh in stages down to your knee.

2. Pull the fabric down over the knee.

3. Remove the fabric evenly over your calf in stages down to your ankle.

4. Use both hands again to grasp the material that is hanging down.

5. Pull the fabric down over your heel.

6. Hold the fabric of the outer layer at the middle of the foot.

7. Pull the compression stocking over your foot to the toes.

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