Compression stockings should fit like a second skin. This tight feeling is created by the compression stocking exerting compression (with a defined pressure distribution) on the extremities. Medical-grade compression is typically graduated distal to proximal or from the feet to the torso. The pressure will always be greatest from the ankle region and gradually reduce along the length of the stocking to the knee or up to the thigh, depending on the type of stocking selected/prescribed. It is imperative to ensure you are properly fitted with the appropriately sized stocking to provide accurate compression and for your optimized comfort.

To maintain the effectiveness of the compression stockings, you should make sure your measurements are taken regularly by a fitter. It’s important that any changes in circumference due to weight gain or loss is included in the therapy.

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When fit properly and worn regularly, compression garments can alleviate symptoms associated with venous disease such as swollen ankles, tired feet, leg discoloration and pain.

The mediven® product lines have been known to have a “customized fit in an off-the-shelf product” for decades. In addition, many of our medi products have an anatomic fit, designed for right and left feet. This allows for optimal sizing to provide accurate compression and a consistent fit. The more comfortable you (and your feet are), the more likely you are to comply with wearing them.