Blood clots are one of the most dangerous risks after surgery.  Thrombi (blood clots) can develop in the venous system due to poor circulation that cause further complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). However, the use of compression therapy can improve your circulation reducing the risk of blood clots.  Short-term compression products such as T.E.D. hose or anti-embolism stockings are used during immediate recovery after surgery in the hospital. Once a patient is ambulatory and is recovering at home, the use of graduated medical compression stockings or adjustable compression wraps is recommended to help address edema (swelling) and promote venous return through higher compression levels.

Positive effects of compression after surgery

Post-operative compression therapy for edema control

During surgery, the body naturally reacts to protect itself from the trauma that is created through inflammation or edema.  Post-operative limb swelling can be reduced significantly by wearing compression stockings in the early post-operative phase. This may improve the rehabilitation process after certain types of surgery through the reduction in edema and the increased blood flow that helps supply healing nutrients and oxygen. The optimal duration of compression therapy can vary between weeks, months, and even long-term based on the surgery.

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