Humeral Fracture Brace

Shoulder brace for stabilization of the humerus


  • Fracture of the proximal humerus or humeral shaft
  • Indications needing immobilization from internal rotation

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The Humeral Fracture shoulder brace serves to immobilize and stabilize the humerus in a defined position The brace is easy to put on and take off due to the various hook-and-loop fastenings and straps. The shoulder brace is also individually adaptable to accommodate swelling. The stable aluminum splints can be molded individually and also removed. This is useful, especially when taking X-rays. The brace is helpful for various indications where an immobilization of the shoulder joint in defined position becomes necessary. It has a removable forearm sling for added patient comfort.


  • Secure the humerus against unwanted movement.
  • The stable aluminum splints can be adapted to the patient or removed to take an x-ray.
  • Straps can be individually adjusted to accommodate swelling.
  • Removable lower arm sling supports the forearm early in the rehab process.


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Humeral Fracture Brace