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igli Control - the versatile insole for targeted guidance of the foot


  • Permits targeted guidance of the foot during the entire step-off motion
  • Specifically distributes pressure over the entire step-on area
  • Supports the arch of the foot and provides individual correction of the foot position
  • Specific activation of the muscles ensures sustained and successful therapy
  • Influences joint position, muscle tone and posture
  • Allows a reduction of possible lateralization in early osteoarthritis of the joint of the big toe
The carbon clip ensures fast dynamic reflection of the forces acting on the insole.
The flexible carbon clip ensures good shape stability without restricting the natural mobility of the foot.
Due to its light weight, the insole can hardly be noticed in the shoe.
Using postings that can be installed in a variety of ways, the insole can be customized and easily modified during the course of therapy.
igli Control insole

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