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The best compression for boots

It’s officially winter, which means the days are short and it’s getting colder and colder.  We’re probably all wearing some form of winter boots to beat the elements outside and help stay warm. If compression is a part of your daily life, it can be difficult to know what compression sock is best suited for

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medi for help

medi® has long been known as a leading provider of compression therapy garments to treat lymphatic and venous conditions, but did you know that medi also has a nonprofit organization that lends sustainable assistance to people in crises areas by providing improvements in clinical care, medical training and education? medi for help was inaugurated by

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Amanda Sobey – Lymphedema Story

At age 20, Amanda Sobey was diagnosed with Secondary Lymphedema. Since then she has faced many challenges, both mental and physical, but also financial and social. Her story of working hard and doing everything possible to live a normal life is truly inspiring – this story recounts the darkest and brightest moments of a patient

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Katharina Baunach – Knee Injury Story

Katharina Baunach, born in Würzburg, Germany, can already look back at an extraordinary career even though she is still only 26. The soccer player was a European champion with the German National Under-19 team in 2007. This was followed by the bronze medal at the Under-20s World Championship in Chile in 2008. The German FA

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Caroline Sprott – Lipedema Story

Lipedema is most often diagnosed in women following puberty, during pregnancy or around menopause. One patient, who was diagnosed at 20, is Caroline, a media designer. She made a virtue out of necessity by founding a blog straightaway called Lipedema fashion where she and other lipedema patients share their stories and discuss wearing compression therapy in

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