WHITSETT, N.C., June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Medical device manufacturer medi® USA announced the launch of the new circaid® profile foam sleeve for lymphedema management at home. The circaid profile foam sleeve is an alternative or supplement to nighttime and home-care bandaging applications that apply gradient compression to the affected limb or limbs.

Engineered with first-use foam for hygienic confidence and brrr® cooling fabric proven to keep patients cooler, the circaid profile allows wearers to manage their own therapy comfortably at home. The foam creates a massaging effect and promotes continuous airflow, and with an anatomic fit, the sleeve provides full limb coverage. Included standard is an energy oversleeve available in four color choices that provides added compression for maximum effect, an EZ-on system that easily applies the sleeve, and the profile anchor system to help keep the compressive oversleeve in place.

“The profile showcases medi’s commitment to quality and passion for originality and innovation. From the project start, there was an all hands-on deck approach and shared enthusiasm to breathe new life into a familiar concept,“ said Moses Lipshaw, Director of Research & Development at medi USA. “With simplified donning, cooling comfort, long-lasting compression, and premium features, patients will benefit from a new standard in padded night care.“

The brrr® Triple Chill Effect included in the circaid profile foam sleeve has three unique cooling effects  – cooling minerals, rapid drying, and active wicking – that continually enhance comfort and reduce the temperature of the skin.

The circaid profile foam sleeve offers the widest ready-to-wear size range in the market with 16 sizes and 2 lengths, and it has a 30-day fit guarantee. For easy ordering, the profile uses the same size chart as the mediven® harmony and comfort arm sleeves. Along with the ready-to-wear option, it is also available in custom-made sizing and includes a 1-year New You guarantee for a one-time, free reduction alteration to reward patients who succeed in their treatment plan.

The new circaid profile joins a full range of compression products offered by medi in their circaid inelastic compression line, inspired by nature. medi creates compression products that fit every patient for all stages of venous and lymphatic conditions.

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