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medi lymphology 365 Summit

We are happy to invite you to Lymphology 365, a virtual symposium and holistic event with renowned speakers from different specialties discussing various aspects of successful lymph- and lipedema treatment in 2021.

Throughout the two day event, there will be 19 sessions on topics ranging from current clinical trends, therapeutic aspects, patient perspectives as well as new opportunities for retailers and fitters.

We look forward to meeting you during our virtual event!


Agenda Day 1

Thursday, May 6 , 2021

Session One

7:00 am Welcome & Opening by Els Brouwer & Nora Mazzieri (medi Germany)

PART 1 – 7:00 am | Lymphedema – do we have new treatment options?

7:05 am – Venous Edema-Lymphedema: different treatment due to different pathophysiology? (Prof. Christine Moffatt)

7:35 am – Surgery – hot topic – opportunities or limitations? (Dr. Sarah Thomis)

8:05 am – A new consensus document on lipedema and now? What should change over the next few years? (Dr. Tobias Bertsch)

8:35 am – Lipedema and diet: a review of the literature. Clinical experience on this topic. (Christen Sigridnes)

9:20 am – Breast surgery after Mammacarzinom and the need of compression (Dr. Irene Richter-Heine)


Session Two

PART 2 – 10:00 am | Therapeutic aspects and trends in 2021

10:05 am – MLD still needed in the future? (Tessa de Vrieze)

10:25 am – Therapeutic trends in relation to new surgical operations (Katrien Nackaerts)

10:45 am – The importance and possibilities of Bio-impedance in the treatment of LO (Dr. Attilio Cavezzi)

11:05 am – Future therapeutic options in lymphedema – an example: breast cancer-related lymphedema (Dr. Annette Erhardt)

 11:25 am Closing Day 1

Agenda Day 2

Friday, May 7 , 2021

Session Three

Opening Day 2 by Els Brouwer & Nora Mazzieri (medi Germany)

PART 3 – 7:00 am | Compression and product trends – what‘s in it for retailers?

7:05 am – Compression in times of Covid – how to deal with the distance? (Ragnhild Davidsen, medi Norway)

7:25 am – New operation techniques, but how about compression afterwards? (Els Brouwer, medi)

7:55 am – medi vision – can we take measurements for flat knit garments digitally? Yes, we (s)can! (Lisa Weihermüller, medi)

8:40 am – How to identify an ideal compression solution? (Christopher Miles, medi USA)

9:10 am – Recovery care after breast surgery (Sonja Leppelmann, Amoena)


Session Four

PART 4 – 9:35 am | Current patient perspectives and Self-Management tools

9:40 am – Self-Management and the future (Ad Hendrickx)

10:00 am – Self-Management with medi – what‘s the scientific status for CircAid? (David Reich)

10:10 am – The influence of food on lymphedema – a patient story (Dr. Sarah Thomis)

10:40 am – The importance of a “healthy brain” in a chronic disease like lymphedema & lipedema (Dr. Annemarieke Fleming)

11:00 am – Lymphedema in the paediatric and children self-management? (Dr. Isabelle Quéré)

 11:30 am Closing Day 2

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