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medi Vision for Custom Compression Garments

How to measure for custom compression garments?

The new medi® vison utilizes the latest 3-D scanning technology to create a perfectly fit custom compression garment. This new technology enhances the fitting experience for patients, therapists and medi certified fitters resulting in more time spent on the treatment of lymphedema, and happier, well-managed patients.  
  • Improved fitting environment – Full scans can be completed in 90 seconds! No prolonged standing for patients or awkward fitting situations with measuring tape.
  • Mobile – Custom compression garments can now be measured in clinic, at a fitting center, or in a home setting.
  • Efficient – Integrated into the medi ordering system for easy product selection and transferred into production queue for final order approval.
  • Accuracy- Eliminates inevitable human errors while maintaining the “artistic” integrity of the fitter
  • Better therapeutic outcomes- More time can be dedicated to managements of patient treatment and education.

What custom lymphedema products are available from medi?

mediven® flat knit compression stockings : Flat-knit compression garments are made with select yarns that provide various degrees of containment or edema-holding power.  These garments are custom ordered per patient for both upper and lower extremities with multiple ordering options for color, pattern and added features. These garments are used in the maintenance phase of lymphedema.

circaid® inelastic compression wraps : circaid has been the undisputed pioneer and leader in the inelastic compression segment. These products provide maximum containment due to their inelastic nature, can be easier to apply than stockings, and have compression adjustability for use during the day and night. circaid garments promote self-management and thus increase patient compliance as well as improved quality of life.