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medi connect program

medi connect program for online stores

How to better service patients, improve clinic operations, and manage your business?

The medi product offering of compression therapy and orthopedic products were developed for the chronic patient population. These patients require a unique level of service within the healthcare industry which includes proper fitting, education, and long-term support and communication. Our commitment to positive patient outcomes is predicated upon their ability to execute physician orders and prescriptions. This presents a multitude of challenges that can vary in each specific market. The challenges include insurance coverage, availability of experienced fitting centers, to access to quality products.

Introducing the medi connect program

The technology team at medi has helped develop a web-based ordering program that is directly connected to the medi fullfillment center in North Carolina. The medi Connect program provides a Retail Facing website with the full assortment of compression and orthopedic products to treat patients in a Vein, Orthopedic, or Physical therapy clinic. If you are not satisfied with your current approach or the options available for your patients, here are the key benefits: 
Your own online store -

This gives your patients ability to order in clinic, at home, or through virtual consultations. This is not a vehicle to go head to head with Amazon or the likes, but to address the needs of your patients – convenience, quality products, and confidence.  Also, you can easily document order and delivery dates to ensure procedure schedules go as planned. 
Service patients better –

Provide a more comprehensive offering to your patients WITHOUT THE INVENTORY. Now offer your patient population colors, styles, patters, and products they want. And deliver them right to their doorstep. Maybe they will tell their friends?
Help manage your business – 

This program can operate with low to no inventory.  Also, improve cash flow by collecting retail purchases from patient before even receiving the wholesale invoice!  The financial benefits are second to the efficiencies that can be obtained when the right processes are implemented. 
Connect with patients – 

Use your store to jump start your digital marketing program. This is a chronic population of patients that need regular consultation and supplies. Engage with patients long-term while proving the necessary care they need.