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medi footsupport Business slim

  • Excellent support & comfort
  • Slender shape
  • High quality
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medi footsupport Business slim - The Business slim insole offers excellent support and comfort for your feet in fashion and business shoes where space is limited.


  • Slender shape for use in narrow fashion shoes and heels up to 2“ high
  • High quality velour cover for a pleasant feel when wearing
  • Multi-layered core for support of the longitudinal arch
  • Focused damping of particularly stressed zones
  • Comfortable bedding in business shoes
The cushioning properties of the insole protect the foot from pressure points and offer targeted relief for specific areas of the foot.
The supporting function of the insole offers relief to specific areas of the foot, impmroves the gait properties, and helps to stabilize the joints.
medi footsupport Business slim insole
  • Flat foot
  • Splay foot