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medi produces medical aids for a variety of conditions and life situations. But we don’t see ourselves solely as a manufacturer. On the contrary, we handle our own research and development, technology, production, marketing and sales inhouse – always keeping our focus on the market, its demands and variables, and the medi vision.
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medi’s roots date back to the end of the 19th century, when the company was founded in the town of Pausa, in Vogtland in the state of Saxony. After the Second World War, the company moved out of the Soviet Occupied Zone.

1920: Around 1920 Albert Weihermüller and Berthold Voigtmann found Weihermüller & Voigtmann in Pausa/Vogtland.

1951: Wolfgang Weihermüller and Günther Voigtmann found WeCo in Bayreuth

1964: The birth of the medi stocking – the first seamless, highly elastic compression stocking with uncovered weft thread.

1972: The Hospital business division is founded. Struva anti-embolism stockings are added to the range.

1975: medi 75 is the first transparent compression stocking.

1982: medi USA is founded.

1982: The medical anti-embolism stocking mediven® thrombexin is introduced in clinics.

1986: The Orthopedics business division is founded.

1991: The company name is changed to “medi” and the umbrella brand name established.

1994: The Prosthetics business division is founded.

1998: The Spinomed® is the first back brace scientifically proven to be effective against osteoporosis.

2000: The mediven® travel is the first clinically tested travel stocking on the market.

2004: Introduction of fashion shades for medical compression hose.

2004: The patented RELAX medi Liner is the first silicone liner worldwide, which prevents phantom pain without causing side-effects.

2007: M.4®s launched, the most technologically advanced ligament knee brace to date.

2007: CEP, the sports brand from medi, is founded. Athletes improve their performance and have a shorter recovery phase.

2011: ITEM m6, the fashion brand of medi, captures the market. Healthy people, that continuously stand or sit, feel more energy in their legs all day by wearing products of the medi fashion brand.

2012: igli carbon insoles are now part of medi – the new Footcare division is founded.

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