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When is it safe to use compression therapy?

In most cases, it is safe to use compression therapy products such as elastic compression stockings, adjustable compression wraps, compression bandaging, and pneumatic pumps to treat patients with venous health or acute edema conditions, and for chronic edema conditions such as lymphedema and lipedema.  There are situations when compression therapy is contraindicated, for example, patients with moderate to severe Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), those with congestive heart failure, advanced peripheral neuropathy, septic phlebitis, and those who suffer from allergies to the material makeup of the product. 

It is important to perform ABI (ankle brachial index) tests on patients who are at risk for PAD.  These results will determine if it is safe to use compression therapy on patients with comorbidities of chronic venous disease and PAD.  The MESI ABPI is an accurate and convenient device that allows clinicians to perform an ABI in under one-minute, saving valuable time. 

Refer to the graphic below as a guideline to compression safety.

E1016 Angio infographic scaled

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Can compression therapy be used with patients with peripheral arterial disease?

The use of compression therapy for PAD patients will be indicated in most cases by the results of the ABI test. Patients with ABI scores greater than .80 are safe to use compression.  An ABI score that falls under .50 are NOT recommended for compression therapy treatment.  Scores between .50 and .80 can be candidates for compression therapy if there are no other contraindications and the patient is in good overall health.

The mediven® angio was developed to address the patient population who falls in that middle tier as to whether or not to implement compression therapy.  This clinically proven compression stocking is knit with materials that provide the perfect balance of working and resting pressure. This means it can enhance venous return through calf muscle resistance versus “squeezing” the veins while not affecting the arterial flow.

Are compression socks good for diabetic conditions?

The use of therapeutic compression stockings is recommended for patients with diabetic and venous comorbidities and who have appropriate ABI test results. Diabetic patients present additional challenges due to sensitivity issues and potential skin breakdown which could affect the wearing of compression.  Therefore, the use of products that can alleviate pressure on boney prominences while also providing necessary compression therapy and patient comfort during ambulation are critical.

The mediven angio was designed with features for patients with diabetic and venous health conditions.  The entire foot and ankle area is made with natural, merino wool fiber that envelops the foot with a cushion that manages moisture and temperature control, keeping the foot dry and comfortable.

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