Our newest flat-knit fabric choice, the mediven cosy 450 is a lower leg solution with flexible, supple fabric and elasticity, and provides excellent containment for those patients with higher mobility. Its medium wall stability provides high durability while still maintaining freedom of movement for those patients who live more active lifestyles. Indicated for primary and secondary lymphedema up to stage 2 and lipedema up to stage 3, the cosy 450 has a reinforced sole and heel for added value and stability, and an anatomical foot for a perfect fit. Like the 550, Fashion and Design-Elements can be added to increase aesthetics, along with elastic seams available in the panty and gusset sections. The newest feature to the mediven cosy 450 is the lateral seam, which provides extra comfort at the back of the knee and heel due to an improved fit and seamless seam.

below knee with open toe
knit feature
thigh-length with open toe
lateral seam