Nanyamka Payne – Lymphedema Story

Your products help me regain my sexy when showing my legs. I love being me and I am bolder in this journey due to wearing your products for #lymphies. I am the #intensifiedwinner who overcame my fear of showing my legs, feet and ankles. I am for to carry this cross, this burden to show the world #lympies are awesome!

I am created to both shine but #win! When I first saw the swelling in my lower extremities I thought it was due to my water or food intake but it was far more advanced than I could have ever understood. After taking fluid pills to urinate off the excess fluid collecting in my feet and ankles, I finally realized that I needed to seek answers that would make sense. It was only 2 years ago was I given this devastating news of “no cure.” I mustered up the nerve to tell my family and friends so that I could manage the emotional blow. I am in a much happier place since finding out ways to manage my lymphedema. It’s not ALWAYS easy but I am here in this moment and proud!

lymphedema testimonial

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