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Adjustable support strap for elbow irritation

  • Lightweight for added range of motion
  • Adjustable compression strap for a personalized fit with accurate compression
  • Dual-functioning for either medial or lateral pain
  • Pressure pad to massage tendons and relieve soreness
  • Neoprene construction stimulates warmth too soothe stressed muscles and tendons
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The protect. Tennis elbow strap includes a pressure pad and adjustable tension strap.


  • Adjustable tension strap to control compression for extra relief
  • Neoprene construction targets warmth to affected areas
  • Pressure pad massages affected tendons to ease discomfort
Find out more about tennis elbow.
Material Composition
15% nylon, 85% neoprene
Washing Instruction

Can be washed by hand at 30 degrees. elbow support Adjustable support strap for elbow irritation

  • Lateral/Medial epicondylitis (tennis/pitcher's elbow)
  • Irritation of the elbow tendons
  • General forearm pain
  • Lateral/Medial epicondylitis (tennis/pitcher’s elbow)
  • Osteoarthritic conditions

No side effects have been reported to date. In the following circumstances you should consult your doctor before use:

  • Disorders or injuries of the skin in the area where the product is used, above all in case of signs of inflammation (excessive heat, swelling or reddening)
  • Sensory or circulatory disturbances of the forearm or the hand
  • Disorders of lymphatic drainage and swelling of unclear origin of the soft tissues distal to the elbow
  • Impingement syndrome (pressure irritation of the nerves supplying the arm)

If you have a known history of contact allergy or tenderness to pressure, you should wear a thin cotton armsleeve under the Neoprene Tennis Elbow Strap as a preventive measure. In principle, supports or braces that fit too tightly to or around the body can cause local pressure phenomena or, more rarely, to constriction of blood vessels or nerves.

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