Omomed® Shoulder Support

Shoulder support with movement-limiting function


  • Proximal fractures of the head of the humerus, the glenoid cavity and the scapula, ac joint luxation.
  • Conservative treatment of osteoarthritis or acute chronic anterior dislocation of the shoulder.
  • Post-operative treatment after shoulder joint prostheses or stabilization of the shoulder joint.
  • Reconstruction of the rotator cuff insertions and refixation of the biceps tendon anchor (SLAP lesion)

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The Omomed is an anatomically tailored shoulder support with movement-limiting function and a flexible strap system for easy adjustment. The clima-comfort fabric is highly elastic, breathable and moisture wicking and includes a special comfort zone knitted into the instep portion to prevent constriction and pressure areas. The clima-fresh treatment helps ensure odor-free performance.


  • The compressive knit reduces swelling and muscular tension to speed recovery.
  • Centers the head of the humerus to help ease shoulder pain.
  • Flexible strap system permits individual adjustment and variable limitation of movement.
  • Strategically placed straps ensure long term wearing comfort and functionality.

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