If you find it difficult from time to time selecting the appropriate orthopedic product for your ailment, you are not alone. There are many product choices and illnesses to treat. A good place to start is by selecting the right material of the brace or support to best fit your condition and lifestyle.

Neoprene-based products are good for keeping the impacted joint or body part warm for arthritic-type conditions. A knit product, on the other hand, will be more breathable and help transport moisture for more active individuals.

Benefits of Knit

  1. Compression profile can be finely tuned
  2. Breathability prevents overheating
  3. Comfortable to wear for long periods
  4. Low profile fits easily under clothing

Benefits of Neoprene

  1. Lower price
  2. Provides warmth to stimulate recovery and loosen joints and muscles
  3. Can be adapted for either sleeve design or wrap-around
  4. Wrap-around construction is easier to apply and remove

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