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Basketball: with an eye on the ball and team spirit

Basketball is a very dynamic sport with demanding tactics. To achieve this, basketball players need intensive training and functional help such as supports and sport compression socks. These devices support joints, tendons and ligaments and can even help boost performance. Basketball is a sport in which two teams try to throw an orange ball into the opponent's basket. With plenty of teamwork and and great tactics and skill, it is even possible to snatch victory in the last few seconds. This makes the game very exciting and is one of the reasons why basketball is becoming ever more popular.

A sport for letting off steam

The Canadian doctor and teacher James Naismith invented the game of basketball for his students around 125 years ago. He wanted to offer them an indoor sport, with which they could let off steam during the winter. To do this, he hung baskets up in the gym and laid down 13 basic rules (source: Wikipedia). Today sports scientists are unanimous: basketball promotes quick reactions, a feeling for the ball, orientation, concentration and dexterity. The many sprints improve endurance and co-ordination. Throwing trains the muscles of the arms, shoulders, legs and bottom. It also makes you more slender.

Caution - risk of injury

As a ball game, basketball provides plenty of action. As with most sports, it also involves a certain risk of injury. Sprained finger joints and wrists are common with basketball. Furthermore, due to the height of the jumps up to the basket, a player can easily twist his/her ankle and injure an ankle joint or the ligaments. The knee is also at risk.

The right gear for basketball

It is vital to warm up properly before the game to prevent injuries. The right footwear can also protect you. Good basketball shoes reach up to just above the ankle. Professionals often wear additional supports such as medi’s Levamed active with strap. These stabilise the ankle joint and protect the ankles. They also improve proprioception. This is how the body senses its position and movements in space. The compression mobilises more receptors in our skin. This can achieve improved muscular control and stabilisation of the joints.

Higher performance with compression

There is probably no other ball sport in which styling is as important as basketball itself. The standard apparel includes wide shorts, sleeveless jerseys and professional footwear – preferably in bright colours. Many professionals, such as the players in the German league team medi bayreuth, also swear by the effect of the CEP compression sportsocks. The CEP team sports socks look stylish and have been developed especially for ball and team sports. The principle of action is very simple: a defined compression pressure accelerates the blood circulation, which can lead to more energy, endurance and higher performance. The socks also stabilise muscles and joints which, together with the improved circulation, prevents injuries. The negative effects of stop-and-go movements are considerably weakened and the completely padded foot which also prevents blisters. Basketball players, who use medi compression technology, but prefer to wear their familiar socks, reach for the CEP Calf Sleeves. These calf sleeves have a similar effect to the team sports socks, but can be combined with conventional sport socks. With these, both professional and amateur players are best equipped for the next game.

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