Spinomed ®

How to rehabilitate patients with osteoporosis through spinal bracing?

Many patients who have back pain or other conditions associated with osteoporosis can be treated conservatively through nutrition, physical therapy and supportive bracing.  The logical bracing solution for these patients is to relieve the pressure on the vertebras of the spine by placing the patient in full extension braces such as CASH (Cruciform Anterior Spinal Hyperextension), Jewett, or corsets.   These are good solutions for traumatic injuries, but may not be the best solution for the older osteoporosis patient who will have compliant issues due to:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Difficulty of application
  • Bulky appearance
  • Overall discomfort

The Spinomed® brace from medi is specifically designed for the osteoporosis patient to help address their condition through gradual core strength training, structural support and proper spine positioning. The Spinomed helps rehabilitate and correct the condition verses temporarily propping the patient into an upright position. 

Why it is important to facilitate the rehabilitation of the osteoporosis patient?

  • Prevent falls through better posture and balance
  • Reduction of pain and medications
  • Improved lifestyle through higher activity
  • Independence

Clinically proven to help treat symptoms due to osteoporosis

In a peer reviewed and published clinical study, results indicate that the Spinomed delivers significant results to address the many symptoms and conditions in the back associated with osteoporosis.  The unique design and compliant features helped the participants achieve the following results:

  • Strengthen back extensors by 73%
  • Strengthen abdominal flexors by 58%
  • Reduce angle of kyphosis by 11%
  • Reduce daily pain by 38%
  • Reduce body sway by 25%
  • Increase vital capacity by 7%

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