Lymphedema compression therapy at night

Lymphedema is a lifelong disease and wearing compression garments during the day helps maintain your swelling at a constant level. But lymphedema doesn’t sleep even though you do. While at rest, your body can experience fluctuations in your swelling during resting hours.

Your normal elastic compression garments, while great for daytime wear, aren’t appropriate for sleep because they apply too much compression. This tight fit can cause harmful skin constrictions. While bandaging can be an option, it’s time-consuming and can leave you feeling frustrated if they are not applied properly. Not to mention, they aren’t exactly breathable, lightweight or flexible for sleep.

One of the most comfortable and effective ways to manage your lymphedema at night is with a quality compression foam sleeve. Compression garments with foam chips are nighttime garments that provide a gentle lymphatic massage. The foam pressed into the affected area creates tissue stretch and pressure differentials. A nighttime sleeve provides a gentler compression level in comparison to daytime garments, while also continuing to squeeze lymph out of affected tissues. This allows for more comfortable relaxation and prevents the limbs from swelling and reaccumulating fluid throughout your sleep. It is meant for patients who experience gradual “refilling” of affected areas during sleeping hours.

There are various benefits to wearing nighttime garments:

  • Cuts down on bandaging time.
  • Continued treatment and swelling reduction throughout the night.
  • Can help ease the application of daytime garments.
  • Better quality of sleep.

Patient engagement in self-care and self-management is imperative for the effective treatment of lymphedema, and the use of compression at night can help maintain what you’ve achieved during the day.

man in nighttime compression garment - circaid profile foam sleeve

Are nighttime garments covered under the new LTA guidelines?

The Lymphedema Treatment Act includes new coverage for night care garments, specifically 2 nighttime garments every 24 months, or 2 garments every two years. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has introduced 4 new HCPCS codes in the night care category for the treatment of lymphedema because they too see the benefit to proper care full-time and not just in the daytime.

What nighttime foam products are available from medi?

Here at medi, we have the circaid® profile, a foam sleeve designed for patients to use at night or for anyone experiencing sensitivity issues. It is made with first-use foam for hygienic confidence and brrr® cooling fabric proven to help keep patients cooler during their nighttime lymphedema management.

Built-in technologies make application quick and easy from home, just slide the sleeve on, and go to sleep. Directional channels filled with engineered foam move lymph fluid and break up fibrotic tissue build-up in the limbs, creating a massaging effect that promotes airflow.

To meet the new code requirements, medi is introducing the new circaid profile for nighttime use, available in a ready-to-wear arm and leg (both whole leg and lower leg) options.

circaid profile ready-to-wear offering:

profile arm:

profile leg:

Whole leg

The new profile products offer the widest ready-to-wear size ranges in the market with sixteen sizes and 2 lengths. The circaid profile has a full assortment of colors and sizes in both ready-to-wear and custom-made options for upper and lower extremity solutions.

To learn more about the circaid profile, hover over each icon to explore the unique features that come in the ready-to-wear garments:

Looking to add on to the circaid profile with more custom options? Check them out here.