Flat Feet

High Arches

Flat feet is a common problem affecting over 20% of the population.  Most have lived with flat feet most of their lives although many have acquired the condition from fallen arches in one or both of their feet. This ailment can be painful and reduces the flexibility of the foot therefor impacting one’s gait and balance. 

The opposite of flat feet is high arches which also can be painful as one’s body weight is distributed though out a smaller surface area one the foot. Conditions such as Metatarsalgia and Hammer Toes can occur due to the foot structure form high arches.

Many times, the use of foot inserts or insoles when fit properly can be used as an effective treatment to relieve pain associated with flat feet, high arches and other foot ailments. More severe scenarios may require use of specialized bracing, anti-inflammatory medication, and possibly surgery.

How do foot insoles help with flat feet or high arches?

Foot insoles provide a firm structure under the foot to support even the thinnest rise of the arch.  This helps provide stability and balance while relieving pain.  Depending on the product selection, some insoles provide additional cushion to absorb the impact of walking or strenuous activities.  Similarly, insoles for high arches provide the necessary base structure to help with balance and body alignment. Products for high arch conditions help distribute body weight throughout the entire foot providing comfort and relief.