What bracing and supports are best for active people?

Many patients experience pain or instabilities in their joints during activity.  These individuals may have had a past surgery, have had a minor injury, or simply just feeling the effects of wear-and-tear over time. Regardless, they want to continue their activities and live a healthy lifestyle. 

Produced with knitted construction in Germany

The medi® portfolio of knit orthopedics has features and technologies to help most patients continue their activities and feel better. The medi products are made with a durable knit material that delivers firm compression to the affected joint to address any edema issues and provide stability. Because it is made with a knitted construction, these braces and supports are easy to apply and mold to the shape of each individual.  The knit construction also makes the product more breathable and manages moisture better than bracing products made from other materials.

Made with the latest textile technologies


Products for foot and ankle

Products for the knee

Products for wrist, elbow and shoulder

Products for the back

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