Why choose medi® protect orthopedic products:

medi protect orthopedics stands for quality and value. These orthopedic braces and soft supports have been carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality by a company with decades of manufacturing experience. The medi protect product line of orthopedic supports, bracing, and foot orthotics help keep patients in their game, court, or favorite activity.  protect products are designed for use during movement and utilize the most advanced materials to properly support joints to function more comfortably to enjoy one’s passion.

How to select the correct brace or support?

If you have a significant injury always consult your healthcare provider for treatment and follow up guidance. If you are self-treating a nagging pain or supporting a past injury, here are some helpful tips when selecting the type of orthopedic brace or support to help get you back in your activity.

What brace or support is best for reducing pain during activity?

In general, a knitted product is best for use during activity as it provides compression and support to the effected area. Compression aids with reduction in swelling that occurs during movement to help reduce pain.  The compression also provides stability in the joint, so users feel more secure during the activity.  Due to the construction of the product, knit based supports are more lightweight, breathable, and conform to the body better than other materials used in orthopedic bracing.

What brace or support is best for post-surgical or injury during activity?

In many cases after an injury or a surgical procedure, patients will look for an orthopedic brace or support to give them additional stability during their activities. More importantly, it gives them confidence to perform their desired level of competency. Post-surgical patients usually find a structural brace or a soft support as a good solution. Structural braces are made from metal based or caron fiber materials to give maximum support for the effected joint. Typically, they incorporate hinges for functionality and soft interfaces for comfort during use.  Soft supports are made from knit or neoprene-like materials and use flexible stays and silicone inserts to support and add pressure to specific areas of the join to provide pain relief. Soft supports come in the form of sleeves that is pulled on over the foot or hand and wraps that can be applied to the joint and fastened by a hook-and-loop or Velcro® like enclosure.

What brace or support is best for arthritic conditions?

Patients with arthritic conditions typically look to keep the joint warm yet supported. The warmth helps the joint feel more fluid allowing for more pain-free activity. Orthopedic products that are neoprene-like are best for these applications as they provide mild support while keeping the joint comfortable.

The medi technology in protect orthopedics:

protect.orthopedics Poly-Dry™ is created by knitting the finest technical fibers on our state-of-the-art machinery to give patients a soft feel consistent compression and excellent odor control.

The soft Comfort Zones™ in sensitive stretchable areas mean that optimal comfort is sustained throughout the day, even during sedentary activities, allowing discreet use with normal clothing and footwear.

protect supports use silicone buttresses to provide firm, comfortable support to the joint during activity.

medi Tempaprene™ has been carefully developed to ensure therapeutic warmth for joints and muscles with aches and pain. Additionally, Tempaprene uses a soft nylon/spandex construction that fits comfortably against the skin and provides support during activity.

The acu-knit knitting method and materials used to create garments with the structure for a long lasting therapeutic profile and ease of application

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