What are pressure injuries?

Pressure injuries often referred to as “bed sores”, are caused when skin tissue is damaged from lack of blood flow to the area from prolonged sitting or laying down.  As we age, we lose layers of the skin making “boney areas” like the sacrum, heel, elbow, and back areas susceptible to pressure injuries.

Pressure injuries are categorized in stages with early symptoms of red or purple discoloration as a leading indicator.  Stage 2 is the development of an open wound or ulcer with stages 3 and 4 being more advanced conditions of the wound.  When symptoms are identified early, they can often be treated with off-loading and regular repositioning programs.  If ulceration does occur, the wound bed is assessed and cleaned of any infection and unhealthy skin.  The area is then dressed with proper bandages to maintain a moist healing environment and sealed from potential infection.