Contact Layer Wound Dressings

What is a contact layer wound dressing?

A contact layer is a non-adherent liner, typically quite thin, that is placed on the wound bed to protect against trauma. These contact layers conform to the shape of a wound and are porous to allow exudate to pass through for absorption by an overlying, secondary dressing. These dressings are important because they provide a supportive layer that protects fragile healing tissue, provides pain reduction during dressing changes and prevents newly formed tissue from adhering to the primary or secondary dressing.

When is a contact layer dressing used for wound healing?

Contact layers are designed to be non-adherent and skin-friendly for wound protection, so they are best suited for fragile, delicate skin.  These are common applications that clinicians use contact layer dressings for:

  • Wound-bed protection
  • Skin tears
  • Scar management
  • Securing secondary dressings and tubes
non-adherent and skin-friendly for wound protection