How is Manuka Honey used in Wound Healing?

Dating back to ancient times, honey has been used to treat multiple health conditions. Honey has natural wound cleaning properties, and it can protect against damage caused by outside properties. Some honey can boost special cells that can repair tissue damaged by infection. Honey even has anti-inflammatory component’s that aid in easing pain. Honey is one of the few nutritive substances that does not spoil and has no known resistance. Clinical evidence supports the use of medical-grade honey can be used as a top choice in advanced wound-care treatment options.

How is Manuka Honey used in Wound Healing

What are the appropriate wound care applications for using Manuka Honey products?

Healthcare professionals are using Manuka Honey as a medicinal substance in their practices for pressure ulcers, foot ulcers, skin tears, lesions, venous ulcers, burns and other chronic wounds. Manuka honey has been known for use as:

  • Helps keep a clean wound bed
  • Removal of dead tissue in or around the wound
  • Odor control