Wound Healing Concepts

How are chronic wounds healed?

A widely branching system of blood vessels transports our blood around our bodies. The blood vessels are divided into arteries and veins depending on the direction in which the blood is flowing. The heart pumps the blood through the arteries to every last part of the body and supplies the cells with oxygen.

Why is blood circulation important to heal wounds?

Proper blood flow delivers nutrients and oxygen to wounds. The arterial system delivers these necessary nutrients to the tissues and is driven by the function of the heart. Arterial and diabetic ulcers can be impacted by poor arterial flow and can be improved through a healthy lifestyle and addressing any potential blockages.  The venous system returns the blood back to the heart for refueling.  When the venous system is impaired, ulcers occur due to the lack of blood flow.  This is addressed through compression therapy products such as graduated compression stockings, inelastic compression wraps, bandages, and pneumatic compression pumps.

Why is blood circulation important to heal wounds

What is the role of infection control in wound healing?

Keeping the wound free from bacteria and microorganisms is a core component to progress through the wound healing process. When setbacks do occur, clinicians use tactics to “clean” the wound and get back on track.  Some wounds require debridement which is the removal of dead or necrotic tissue through surgical, mechanical, or autolytic treatments. When a healthy wound bed is secured, clinicians will keep the wound clean with topical therapies, regular dressing changes, and irrigating when necessary.

What is the role of infection control in wound healing
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What is the role of nutrition during the wound-healing process?

Like all health conditions, eating a balanced diet of vegetables, protein, dairy, fruit, and grains will provide the nutritional value to help the body heal. Additionally, choose fruits and vegetables with high levels of vitamin C.  Keep well hydrated throughout the day, drinking water over other beverages.  Finally, refrain from foods and beverages with sugar when possible.