Osteoporosis therapy made easy with functional bracing solutions

Due to the close link between muscle and bone, loss of bone and muscle mass always occur at the same time.

Once spinal fractures occur, treatment with medication must always be accompanied by medical devices (functional treatment) because fractures cause pain and loss of muscle mass from restricted mobility.

In the past, patients with osteoporotic vertebral fractures were often immobilized in rigid corsets, encouraging the loss of muscle mass. Today it is recognized that, besides treatment with medication, muscle activity is decisive in increasing bone mass.

To promote mobility and muscle buildup in patients with osteoporosis, medi® has developed the orthoses Spinomed® and Spinomed® Active together with Prof. Helmut W. Minne, M.D. These are orthopedic therapy devices different from any other form of back brace in the marketplace. The devices straighten the vertebral column while simultaneously training the muscles through biofeedback. This is not just wearable, active, lightweight rehabilitation…it’s backed by science.

The Spinomed® orthosis is as easy to put on and take off as a backpack. The simple application, high-wearing comfort and increased reliability thanks to the ergonomically shaped shoulder straps, breathable material, and comfortable fit make the Spinomed® a great option for people with osteoporosis. 

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Spinomed's strap system and back brace

Orthoses exert controlled tension forces on the pelvis and shoulder region. Thanks to the more erect posture, patients find it far easier to breathe deeply again. Pain is relieved and muscle bulk is demonstratively strengthened. Furthermore, orthoses help improve the body’s posture. The back pad and the shoulder straps exert gentle pressure as soon as the back slumps. So the patient involuntarily uses her own muscle power to straighten up and avoid this pressure. Certified Prosthetists/Orthotists (CPOs) in surgical suppliers mold the back brace in the Spinomed orthosis exactly to the contour of the spinal column.

In the event of pain, numbness, burning, cramping, tingling, or other sensations in the feet, loosen the straps of the device immediately. If the symptoms are not relieved after loosening the device, remove it completely. If the symptoms are not relieved shortly after removing the device, consult with your health care professional.

Real Solutions

The Spinomed series has been proven to be a valuable and reliable addition to a comprehensive treatment program for patients suffering from the effects of osteoporosis.

Clinically Proven: The Spinomed series has been proven, in a published, peer reviewed, evidence-based study4 to:

  • Strengthen back extensors by 73%

  • Strengthen abdominal flexors by 58%

  • Reduce angle of kyphosis by 11%

  • Reduce daily pain by 38%

  • Reduce body sway by 25%

  • Increase vital capacity by 7%

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