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What is the best compression garment for lymphedema?

Compression therapy garments for lymphedema come in various materials, styles, compression levels, colors and even patterns. Your therapist or clinician will help determine which product choice is best based upon the phase of treatment, your activity level and your lifestyle.

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Products during the Treatment Phase of lymphedema

During the treatment phase, therapists are aggressively reducing the edema volume and addressing any skin conditions. Because the limb size can fluctuate, clinicians will likely choose products with versatility that can easily adapt to changes from one treatment to the next. Commonly, the use of bandaging and now inelastic garments, such as the circaid® reduction kit™, will be used during this process. Some clinicians will suggest the use of pneumatic compression pumps as a supplement to their treatment.

Products for the Transition Phase

Products used during the transition phase are designed to help the patient move from a clinical therapy-based treatment to a more home-based independent treatment. This can take time as patients learn how to adapt to living with lymphedema in their daily lives. The adjustable compression wraps like the circaid® juxtafit® are ideal during this time as they can adjust compression levels for good and bad days as well as for day and night.  Pneumatic pumps may also be used during this time for supplementary treatment.

Products for the Maintenance Phase

When patients have completed their successful treatment, clinicians will convert them to a long-term product set of solutions that will fit their activity and lifestyle.  These products are designed to contain the limb while allowing for more freedom of movement. Typically, flat-knit compression garments will be recommended and occasionally some circular or round-knit compression stockings will be used for conditions that do not require as much containment.

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