Compression Bandaging

What is compression bandaging?

Compression bandaging is used to apply pressure to a certain area on the body. They can help reduce swelling and fluid buildup at an injury site or an affected area. Compression bandages are used to treat venous diseases, lymphedema, and other chronic edema conditions. Bandaging products come in rolls that are manually applied to deliver the desired compression levels. Bandaging comes in the form of elastic and inelastic based upon the level of edema control. It is usually used during the acute treatment of patients.

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Types of bandaging

Short stretch bandages are resistant to stretching in order to provide the needed compression level. Since they are designed to only extend to about 60% of their original length when stretched,  they are used to encourage venous blood flow and proper lymphatic drainage. 

Unlike short stretch bandages, more traditional long stretch bandages, such as Ace bandages, have more elastic components and fabrics. Therefore, they should not be used for treating venous diseases and conditions because they cannot apply the needed compression and resistance needed for healing. 

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