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What are flat-knit compression stockings?

Flat-knit compression stockings are elastic garments typically used in the maintenance phase of lymphedema. Flat-knit compression garments are usually custom-made and provide the most containment of all the elastic compression garments that can help support problem areas. Flat-knit products can be measured to the exact millimeter to provide optimal fit and have the versatility to include special features for therapeutic support, added comfort, compliance options and design aesthetics.

mediven® flat-knit compression comes in a multitude of compression classes and containment levels, with endless choices of fabric options, and color and pattern choices to provide the right product for each individual patient to tell each individual story. 

Compression garments are available by prescription from medi® authorized dealers or medical retailers such as durable medical stores, specialty pharmacies, or orthotic and prosthetic centers with trained individuals who take measurements and provide billing options.

What custom material is best?

There are three flat-knit garment product lines within the mediven family to choose your perfect solution for lower extremity in order of lowest to highest containment: mediven mondi 350 leg, mediven cosy 450 and mediven 550 leg. For upper extremity, medi has two solutions in the: mediven mondi 350 arm and mediven 550 arm.

The mediven flat-knit family of products contain an array of vibrant color choices, sophisticated, patterned Design and Fashion-Elements, and even crystal motif additions that can add a pop of flair to any outfit. Wearing flat-knit compression for health reasons doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

mediven offers Fashion-Elements in the mediven 550 leg and cosy 450 product lines and Design-Elements in the mediven 550 arm and leg, cosy 450 and mondi 350 arm product lines.

Where can I purchase my medi solution? Find one of our many authorized medi dealers near you. These true partners share the same values and commitment to excellence as medi.

mondi 350 leg

mediven mondi® 350 leg

Customized for containment and style.

mediven mondi® 350 arm

The gentle solution for arm edema.

mv mondi mv mondi esprit Stephanie your story IM 8631
mv 550 magenta crystal IM 02639 RET
mediven® 550 leg

Customized for maximum containment.

mediven® 550 arm

Custom arm sleeves for all forms of edema.

mv 550 blue jeans dancing IM 00893 k 16to9
mv cosy Ramona your story IM 6713
mediven® cosy 450

Flexibility for more freedom of movement.

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