Inelastic compression Wraps


What are inelastic compression wraps?

Compression wraps are made of soft, inelastic material that has very low stretch.  These garments are applied by pulling on the bands and enclosed with a hook & loop or Velcro® fastener.  The more force applied during application, the greater the compression level.

The benefits to using a compression wrap to other compression products such as bandages or compression stockings are:

  • Easy of application 
  • Instant compression adjustability 
  • Higher containment for larger limbs or edema control
  • Can be worn both day and night

What compression wraps are best for vein conditions?

The inelastic compression wrap segment has grown significantly with several product choices from a number of reputable brands. The circaid® inelastic line of compression products are grouped by types of disease conditions and the stage within the treatment process. The circaid products for vein disease are the juxtaCURES® for the early treatment of venous leg ulcers and the juxtalite® products for the long-term treatment of venous problems.

Healthcare providers select circaid most often for their patients because:

  • Accurate and measurable compression can be prescribed
  • Patients find the juxtaposed bands are easy to apply
  • The compression legging has anti-bacterial properties to keep clean and help with odor
  • The Breathe-o-prene® material is comfortable to wear
  •  Ability to be machine-washed and dried makes for easy care

circaid products for venous conditions:

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