Pneumatic Compression Pumps

medi pcs brio

The medi® pcs is the pneumatic compression system from medi that provides at-home, effective edema management to continue lymphedema treatment in the comfort of one’s own home, perfect for today’s new healthcare environment. Not only is it easy for both patients and clinicians alike, but it allows for complete patient independence.  The system is delivered pre-programmed to the physician-prescribed treatment levels with an easy-to-apply garment(s) or sleeve(s).  The unique fill-to-fit technology feature allows patients to begin treatment with a simple click of the “start” button and from there – the system takes over so one can relax!

Setting the standard in pneumatic compression therapy

medi® pcs is the pneumatic compression device that provides safe and effective edema management to continue treatment in the comfort of one’s home. medi pcs brio helps those with venous and lymphatic conditions lead more independent, satisfying, and healthy lives.

brio is setting the new standard for basic pneumatic compression. Meaning “vigor” and “vivacity”, brio puts patients and their needs first. By making the treatment of venous and lymphatic conditions both easy, effective, and enjoyable the brio sets patients up for success and promotes greater independence and enthusiasm for successful therapy.

What makes medi pcs different?

Features such as the easy-to-use touchscreen, self-learning technology, and fill-to-fit abilities make the medi pcs pump unique in its treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiencies. This pneumatic compression device comes pre-programmed with prescribed treatment settings which allow patients to easily set-up and use the pcs brio for therapy.


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