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For early to mid-stage lower leg lymphedema, mediven® mondi 350 provides a soft and comfortable fabric choice for those with sensitive skin structures who require a gentler option. mondi 350 leg has the lightest wall stability of all of the flat-knit varieties while still maintaining a high durability. It’s indicated for primary and secondary lymphedema up to stage 2, and lipedema up to stage 2. When looking for a more discreet and soft option, the mondi 350 provides the perfect selection and can even include the incorporation of silver segments for those with softer edema needs. 

  • Indications
  • Compression Classes
  • Features
  1. Primary and secondary lymphedema, stages 1, 2
  2. Lipedema, stages 1, 2
  3. Post-operative and post-traumatic edema
  4. Scar management

1, 2, 3 

  1. Ideal for skin issues (such as infections), wound care, soft sensitive tissue.
  2. Powerful thread for large-surface pressure.
  3. Soft finish, yet micro-massaging.
  4. Customizable for many shapes and sizes.
  5. Comfortable, patented Clima Comfort releases moisture for temperature control.
  6. Clima Fresh provides odor protection and prevents bacteria propagation within the fabric.
  7. Combination of both elastic & inelastic properties for serious edema containment.
  8. Strong, soft elastic material.
  9. Low elasticity for dynamic compression.
  10. Silver option for anti-microbial properties for all-day freshness. 
  11. Custom only.
mediven mondi thigh silver YG
thigh-high with silver
mediven mondi calf open toe caramel
calf-high open toe
mediven mondi toe cap
toe cap

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