Nighttime Garments


Why wear nighttime compression garments?

If you wear compression garments during the day and  experience fluctuations in your swelling from lymphedema throughout the night, you could benefit from a nighttime compression garment.

Nighttime compression garments are usually worn in place of nighttime bandaging. Instead of spending extra time to make sure bandages are properly applied, you can simply slide on your nighttime sleeve and get the same results. A nighttime sleeve provides a gentler compression level in comparison to daytime garments. This allows for more comfortable relaxation while also preventing the limbs from swelling and reaccumulating fluid throughout resting hours. You can now efficiently and simply manage your lymphedema treatment with the circaid profile.

How to make compression more comfortable

While elastic compression garments are great for daytime use, if worn at night, they can cause harmful indentations and slippage on your affected limb or limbs. The circaid profile foam sleeve provides a comfortable solution to nighttime lymphedema management. Directional channels designed with engineered foam help move lymph fluid and break up fibrotic build up in the limbs. The padded sleeve along with the foam creates a massaging effect, making it easy to sleep.

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Sleep better with nighttime compression

There are various benefits to wearing nighttime garments:

  • Cuts down on bandaging time.
  • Continued treatment and swelling reduction throughout the night.
  • Can help ease the application of daytime garments.
  • Better quality of sleep.

Visit the circaid profile page for more information on nighttime garments:

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