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application aids

The use of application aids not only assist with the donning of elastic compression stockings, they can also help extend the effectiveness of the garments. The mediven® and duomed® products are guaranteed to maintain the stated compression for a full six months. The use of application gloves and butler donning devices will help alleviate potential punctures and ensure our patients get the most out of their medi® products.

skin care

Proper skin care is an important component to an overall healthy life. The medi skin care products are specifically designed with horse chestnut, an active ingredient for individuals with venous health problems. The products are also designed for use with compression stockings that naturally dry out the skin. The day gel will quickly absorb into the skin to allow for application of stockings and has a menthol additive that helps keep legs cool and refreshed. The night product is a deep penetrating crème to moisturize legs that are fatigued and dry.

Where can I purchase my medi solution? Find one of our many authorized medi dealers near you. These true partners share the same values and commitment to excellence as medi.

product assortment

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