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treatment of veins

How to treat venous health conditions?

There are varying degrees of venous disease from early stages of spider veins or varicose veins, to more advanced conditions such as deep vein thrombosis or venous stasis ulcers.  Always seek treatment from your physician or a vein specialist for a recommended treatment plan.  

There are two courses of treatment, conservative treatments with compression therapy garments and nutritional supplements, and corrective treatments that are interventional procedures conducted by vein specialists. In many cases, both conservative and correctional methods will be used.

Conservative Treatment

How do compression stockings treat varicose veins and vein conditions?

Medical compression stockings and adjustable compression wraps form the basis of the treatment of veins. Compression therapy is a common means of halting the progression of venous insufficiency. With its precisely defined pressure, it mechanically counteracts venous valves that don’t close properly. When the diameter of the veins in the legs narrow, the valves can close again and the blood does not pool. The garments also stimulate lymph flow and prevent the stasis of fluid in the legs.

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What are graduated compression stockings and compression garments?

There are many forms of compression hosiery products that all provide some level of compression including graduated compression stockings, support stockings, and anti-embolism or T.E.D hose.  Not all these products are design for the long-term treatment of venous conditions but intended for short-term and non-medical use.  Graduated compression stockings and compression garments provide a compression pressure profile along the leg that is intended for the long-term care of venous health conditions. The proper compression profile is when 100% of the stated compression is delivered to the ankle, 70% at the calf, and then 40% at the thigh.  This optimized profile has shown to promote the blood and fluid movement back to the body through the venous and lymphatic systems.

graduated compression

How is the appropriate compression level determined?

A physician or prescribing medical professional will determine the proper compression level based up the current disease state, the amount of edema control needed, and the ability of the patient.  A Compression measurement is the amount of applied pressure to the limb in millimeters of mercury or (mmHg). In the USA, there are four common compression classes that are used as a general guideline for the treatment of venous disease with more pressure providing greater therapy for more advanced disease states.

compression level

Corrective treatments for venous disease


Endovenous minimally invasive procedures

The procedure is similar to laser therapy: a tiny probe is inserted into the vein. The varicose veins are thermally sclerosed with radio waves and broken down by the body. 

Ultrasound Guided sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy uses an injection to cause the vessel walls to stick together.  The body breaks down the obliterated vein. Besides the classic method, there is also foam sclerosis in which the veins are sclerosed with foam. 

Ultrasound 358036791
Vein Stripping 1783936649

Vein stripping or ligation

Most vein stripping is performed in a surgical setting under general anesthesia.  The damaged vein is surgically tied off and removed. The procedure redirects the blood through the remaining venous system.  

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