Wound Care

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How are wounds evaluated?

When clinicians first encounter a wound, they will assess the type of wound, if it is in a volatile area, the wound size, and its current stage or condition.  This information will be evaluated to determine the appropriate treatment plan to start the healing process.

What is the role of medi® in wound healing?

medi has had a long presence in the wound-healing medical segment with our circaid® and mediven®  lines of compression therapy.  medi has been a leader in this segment, gaining the trust of the clinician community through product innovation and educational support.  Recently, medi has taken the leap into the advanced wound care dressing market though a partnership with Advancis Medical® to distribute the unique products that have been helping patients all over the globe.

We see our role as twofold: to continue to develop and deliver the highest-quality products in the market that enable clinicians to obtain positive patient outcomes in a cost-effective manner.  And, to provide the education, training and support to ensure our products are utilized appropriately to produce long-term healing results.

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Types of wounds

How wounds heal

medi wound care products

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