Wound Care Products

Advancis boxes Eclypse sacral CR3985 also for CR3986

medi® has a wide assortment of products in the wound-care segment that assist patients in their wound- healing journey.  Advancis Medical® products make up the line of advanced wound care dressings. The Advancis products are made from the highest-quality materials that enhance the wound-healing process. The compression therapy products are comprised of the mediven® graduated compression stockings, the circaid® inelastic compression wraps and the medi pcs brio a, pneumatic compression pump

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Eclypse Contour applied 2

products for heavy-draining wounds

Advazorb Silfix peel off

products for moderate-to-heavy draining wounds

Activon Honey substance thickness shot

products made for antimicrobial and debridement applications

juxtalite HD secondary image application1

adjustable and measurable inelastic compression garment for increased blood flow and edema (swelling) control

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medi USA Newsletter

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