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Patients Deserve the Best

The purpose of the Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA) was to provide affordable treatment of lymphedema to the patient community. Product quality is the foundation of creating and maintaining long-term results. The medi® brands of mediven®, circaid® and duomed® have been proven effective treatment but also in value with the most extensive satisfaction guarantees in the industry.

After careful scrutiny of the published HCPCS codes and reimbursement schedule, we have found the medi portfolio of products not only fits the product code descriptions but also fits within the reimbursement fee schedule. For clinicians, this means you can confidently prescribe or recommend any of our product lines because your patients deserve and demand the best compression products to optimize healthy outcomes.

The compression market has seen the entrance of low cost, inferior products that meet the description of codes, but do not meet the performance expectations. There is no substitute for quality. medi offers a comprehensive assortment of premium products that provide optimal wearing comfort. The net result – compression accuracy and wearing satisfaction for our patients to achieve therapeutic results and feel better.