juxtacures™ lower leg

Compression ulcer recovery system™
in a customizable ready-to-wear option


  • Active & healing venous ulcers.


  • Inelastic compression kit to replace traditional multi-layer and Zinc paste bandages.
  • Compression (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 mmHg).
  • juxtalock™ band system allows for easy and instant adjustability of product without removal.
  • circaid® built-in pressure system™ (BPS™) guide card provides targeted compression ranges for improved results.
  • For faster healing than bandages.
  • For 24/7 treatment due to inelastic properties.
  • Reduces total cost of compression vs. bandaging.
  • Reduces application time compared to bandaging by up to 75%.
  • Active & sedentary use.
  • SILVERtec™ added to prevent static, odor and propagation of bacteria in the garment.
  • Simple measuring & sizing – size adjustable.
  • Works great with elastic stockings as part of a complete compression system.
  • 6-month warranty.
  • Machine washable.


  • circaid® juxtacures™ lower leg system includes: 1 legging, 1 pair of undersleeves (footless), 1 pair of compression anklets, 1 disposable paper measuring tape, 6 Velcro® stays, and 1 built-in pressure system™ (BPS™) guide card.

Detailed Images


circaid® juxtacures™ lower leg

circumferences in cm.
Adjustable to individual circumferences by cutting
actual garment length in cm.
size short standard long
B – D 28 33 38
sizing measurement short standard long
floor – knee crease < 44 44 – 49 > 49

All garments contain the circaid® built-in pressure system™ (BPS™) guide card. Garment lengths may differ from body measurements.

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