The fastest screening tool for peripheral arterial disease. It’s everything you need in an ABI medical device – a fast, simple, accurate and objective screening tool for the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease.

Diagnosis of PAD in only 1 minute

MESI is the first valuable automated ankle-brachial index measuring device (ABPI MD), based on oscillometric method (one of the plethysmographic techniques). The blood pressure on the upper and lower extremities is measured simultaneously, resulting in the calculation of the ankle-brachial index (ABI). The result of the examination is clear and straight forward. Only what is really important – the left ABI, right ABI and brachial blood pressure – are displayed. The measurement is repeatable and can be performed in only three minutes, instead of the usual 30 minutes that are required by the Doppler ultrasound method.




2 in 1: ABI and BP measurement

This is not just a medical device for ABI; this is a medical device for the simple, objective and accurate measurement of ABI and blood pressure. The expertly developed ABPI MD has two measurement modes:

  • Stand-alone measurement of brachial blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Simultaneous measurement of the left ABI, the right ABI, blood pressure and heart rate.

Therefore, ABPI MD can be used for measuring brachial blood pressure on all patients visiting the general practitioner. It is also used as a screening tool for patients with non-modifiable and modifiable risk factors for the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.



Colored Cuffs

Color coded cuffs simplify the use of the device. The different colors indicate where to place each cuff. The red cuff should be positioned on the upper arm, green on the right and yellow on the left ankle. Each cuff is clearly labelled and includes a diagram to ensure correct placement, so no training is needed as comprehensive guidelines are provided.

MESIresults application

As a company, MESI follows a “Simplifying diagnostics” motto and the MESIresults application is no exception. It has been developed to supplement the measurement of ABI and to provide user-friendly documentation of the results. The ABPI MD device can be connected to a computer using USB cable to provide an electronic copy or a printout. The application enables information such as the name, address and logo of the institution to be imported into every individual file.



Long lasting battery for maximum portability

During the measurement, patient needs to be in the supine position. Consequently, ABPI MD´s place is right next to the examination bed, where electricity point is not always at convenient location. Portability of the device has been enhanced with a long lasting battery, for 50 measurements, which enables the device to be used wherever it is needed.

Convenient stand

To enhance the functionality of the ABPI MD, a stand with a magnetic base has been designed to hold both the device and the cuffs. This portable, wheeled stand enables the medical device to be used next to the examination table.

A stand is an important accessory for ABPI MD as it provides a flat and stable surface, without which the device is unable to perform accurate measurements. Not all examination rooms have a suitable table at the right place, so the stand makes it possible to use it wherever it is required.

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