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Instantly adjustable inelastic bands make this garment easy to apply, remove and target specific areas as needed throughout the period of wear. Each juxtafit upper leg system includes a user-friendly built in pressures system (BPS) guide card with multiple compression range settings for quickly and accurately verifying the application of prescribed compression levels anywhere from 20-30mmHg to 50+mmHg. juxtafit essentials™ garments are an economical alternative for patients with moderate to severe upper leg lymphedema from the knee to the groin. Full leg coverage is possible when coupled with a juxtfit essentials lower leg system. The upper leg system includes 1 legging incorporating knee coverage with 1 pair of undersleeves (footless). The product length can be trimmed by 5 cm to ensure a perfect fit in sensitive areas, and individual band lengths can also be trimmed to promote patient mobility and comfort. upper leg knee inelastic compression circaid juxtafit size chart

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    • Inelastic compression for the upper leg and knee


    • Juxtaposing bands make application & removal easy


    • Patented Built-In-Pressure System BPS technology promotes patient independence


    • Multiple compression levels (20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50+ mmHg) possible in one garment


    • Product length and band lengths can be individually trimmed for the perfect fit





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