protect foot supports Ballerina Pro

The Ballerina Pro insole offers excellent support in low profile women’s footwear


  • poor alignment
  • improved comfort

Product Variety

The footsupports Ballerina Pro model is the ideal choice for women looking for support in low profile ballerina slipper style shoes. It provides excellent support along the longitudinal arch and has added metatarsal support.


  • Specially designed for support in flats and sneakers.
  • Breathable hydrofresh cover gives hygenic freshness even with bare feet.
  • Light cushion in the heel ensures all-day comfort.
  • Rigid arch core offers maximum support.
  • Integrated metatarsal pad supports the transverse arch.


protect foot supports Ballerina Pro

Size Chart

protect footsupports ballerina pro size chart

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Protect Footsupports Ballerina Pro