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Move with confidence

Along with making top-of-the-line compression products for every patient need, medi is proud to share an assortment of orthopedic soft supports to enhance mobility and performance for patients who need joint rehabilitation and support.

protect. gives you the support you need

With the demand for improved wellness at a steady increase, people are choosing to live healthier in all aspects of their lives. Individuals across all age groups, ranging from children to senior citizens, are engaging in better overall fitness and choosing healthier activities and lifestyles.

With increased physical activity, more injuries are bound to occur. Physical fitness requires a certain level of flexibility and conditioning in the body to allow it the movements needed to exercise correctly.

protect. product line

Therefore, the medi orthopedic goal is to ensure one further element to the surgical, physical, pharmaceutical and physiological therapies of modern-day comprehensive medicine with its over-the-counter assortment of orthopedic soft supports called protect.

This line promises increased comfort while wearing and the ease of use one would come to expect from any top of the line medi product.

medi protect. is a product line that covers the main parts of the body with soft goods for support and recovery. These innovative products are designed to:

  • Support and improve mobility
  • Unload damaged joint areas
  • Secure joint functions
  • Reassure and activate the patient

protect. body parts:

The protect product range is designed to treat the deficiencies in our “locomotive system” with a specific emphasis being on joint function, treatment, protection and rehabilitation. This line promises increased comfort while wearing and the ease of use one would come to expect from any top of the line medi product.

  • protect.wrist and thumb supports: Carpal Tunnel Support, Universal Wrist, Universal Wrist/Thumb
  • protect.elbow supports: Tennis Elbow Strap, Seamless Knit Elbow, Epi Elbow Support
  • protect.back supports: Maternity Belt, Lumbar Sacral Support, Pro Action Back, Lumbostyle Back
  • protect.knee supports: Seamless knit knee, Neoprene Knee, Genu Knee, Neoprene Knee Stabilizer, Hinged Knee Brace
  • protect.ankle supports: Seamless Knit Ankle, Lace Up Ankle, Ankle Air Foam, Achi Ankle Support, Leva Ankle Support
  • protect.foot supports: Comfort, Heel Spur, Heel Spur Pro, Control

I feel better is a promise with medi

As a family-run business for over 90 years, with over 65 years of experience in medical compression technology, our product line of orthopedic soft supports joins a portfolio of products tailored to the requirements of our customers’ needs for support throughout every stage of life. The protect product range provides our customers the freedom to enjoy all of life’s little moments healthfully.
protect.Maternity belt
protect.genu knee support
protect.seamless knit knee support
protect.lumbostyle back support
protect.neoprene knee support