Rhizomed Soft Thumb Support

Support for immobilization of the thumb


  • Carpometacarpal arthritis
  • Ligament injury (e.g., skier’s thumb)
  • Inflammation of the thumb joint

Product Variety

The Rhizomed soft is a splint for immobilization of the thumb with a large opening allows for ease of application and removal, with as little pain as possible. The integrated stabilization provides reliable immobilization of the injured area along with an individual adjustable Velcro strap for additional stability.


  • Effective stabilization of the thumb.
  • Semi-open shape adapts to various degrees of swelling of the thumb.
  • Large opening for ease of application and removal.
  • Breathable spacer mesh fabric makes it comfortable for long term use.

Size Chart

rhizomed soft thumb support size chart

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Rhizomed Soft Thumb Support